The Association of Chaplaincy
in General Practice

Improving care through listening and guidance

There is increasing interest in Primary Care Chaplaincy which complements the care given to patients and can reduce the demand on other services.

The Association of Chaplaincy in General Practice exists to enable Chaplaincy in General Practice to be delivered to recommended national standards. It does this through:

  • Promoting awareness of chaplaincy in General Practice.
  • Facilitating the setting up of this service within General Practices.
  • Providing advice on training and professional support to those providing chaplaincy

Primary Care Chaplaincy Training

ACGP is able to offer training tailored specifically for chaplains working in a Primary Care setting, as well as a seminar for those interested in setting up or getting involved with a chaplaincy service in General Practice. Please see our Training and Events page for further details.

What is Chaplaincy in General Practice?

  • It provides prompt access to a service in which people in distress can be truly listened to
  • It offers acceptance, support, guidance and signposting
  • It provides a safe place for patients to explore any issues which impact their health and wellbeing
  • It gives an opportunity to consider what makes life meaningful and what can provide inner strength and hope
  • It is appropriate for everyone whether or not they perceive religion or spirituality to be of personal relevance, and is appropriate for people of all faiths and beliefs
  • As a ‘talking therapy’ it has been shown to both reduce referrals to, and prepare people for better use of, other psychological therapies.
  • It offers staff support in primary care.